a tabby cat relaxing on a folded out newspaper

Why Do Cats Love Sitting On Paper So Much?

If you’ve ever left a letter, a newspaper or a piece of paper lying around your home only to find that it has quickly been occupied by a cat then you will have asked yourself why do cats love sitting on paper?

a tabby cat relaxing on a folded out newspaper

1. Cats Sit On Paper Because It Is Warm & Comfortable

The answer is fairly simple; paper, especially newspaper, is a great insulator so it makes a great bed!

Newspaper feels warm and reflects their body heat back to them.

This is the reason why you are advised to stuff newspaper into your clothes if you ever get stuck outside in the cold unprepared.

The reason cats like to sit on something that is a bit warmer was revealed in a 2006 study by the National Research Council which found that cats enjoy temperatures between 30°C and 36°C.

This is because at these temperatures cats do not have to generate any additional heat to keep themselves comfortable nor do they need to cool themselves down.

Sitting on paper provides an extra barrier of insulation from the cold floor, tabletop or work surface which makes it fractionally easier for their body to regulate their temperature.

2. They Sit On Paper Because They Want Attention

Cats seem to be particularly good at choosing the most inconvenient time and place to sit on their chosen bit of paper, for example, you may be reading a book or filling in a form and they will choose to come and sit directly on the book or form you are working on!

This sort of behaviour appears to be a direct and obvious attempt to get your attention, they see that you are interested in the paper so choose to sit on it to ensure that they are directly within your reach and line of sight so that they can be confident of getting some attention from you.

3. They Sit On Paper To Mark Their Territory

Cats are inherently curious so anything new which is brought into your home, be that a piece of furniture or a single piece of paper, must be investigated, sniffed and…sat upon before it can be accepted into your home.

Sitting on your newspaper will cover it in their scent and ensure that your warm comfortable newspaper is clearly marked as theirs!

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