The Cat Grooming Glove Review

Keeping your pet well-groomed can be a challenge, particularly if they don’t like the feeling of traditional brushes and combs. Some pets absolutely hate being brushed so how can you keep their fur looking and feeling great?

Today we are taking a look at a Cat grooming glove sent to us by This five-finger glove can be used to groom and remove loose hairs from cats, dogs and even horses, all while simply petting them as you normally would.

The pet grooming glove

The grooming glove is simply a five-finger glove with the palm and fingers covered with silicone rubber tips offering a gentle yet efficient alternative to a standard cat brush.

Simply pull on the glove and brush your cat or dog with ease, the design allows you to brush your pet’s fur in a way that feels just like you are stroking them making this a great option if your pet doesn’t like the look or feel of traditional brushes.

Front view of the grooming glove, modelled by me

The more natural feeling of the grooming glove is often much preferred by pets and it allows you to remove loose hair effortlessly leaving fur smooth and shiny.

The glove contains over 200 silicone tips which make it effective in removing any loose and shedding hair. The removed hair sticks to the glove so it is easy to clean and the high number of tips ensures that you don’t miss any areas.

The grooming glove transforms your regular fussing and attention into an incognito grooming session that massages your pet and promotes blood circulation and healthy hair growth.

Specifics of the grooming glove

  • Enhanced design with 255 silicone tips
  • Five-finger design
  • Adjustable wrist strap and breathable mesh for user’s comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes as a pair (1 left and 1 right glove)
Back view of the grooming glove, modeled by me

What Does It Cost?

The grooming glove is one of the cheaper cat brushes available to buy at the moment. Have a look at the prices offered below:

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What We Think

Stroking your pet as you normally would while wearing the glove makes grooming them easy. We like that this glove works well as a de-shedder, the hair that is removed sticks to the glove and can be effortlessly lifted off of the tips and disposed of.

In my personal experience when trying it on our cat (Whisky) it doesn’t remove as much hair as a standard hand held brush however our cat seemed to enjoy the feel of the soft rubber more than a normal comb as she kept coming back for more. This meant that although the process of grooming her took longer it was a more pleasurable experience both for her and myself.

This technique seems to be better for removing long hair from the glove as shorter hair doesn’t lift away so easily but blowing or slapping the glove over the bin should do the trick.

The glove can also be used in the bath and can be put into the washing machine if it becomes dirty. It’s useful for accessing hard to reach places and gives you a level of flexibility and freedom you do not get with traditional brushes. Your hand can work with your pet’s body shape to provide gentle grooming.

The results of using the grooming glove vary depending on your pet’s hair type, it seems to work slightly better for long-haired pets and doesn’t remove as much hair as traditional options. However, it does allow you to groom your pet with ease and comfort and provides a low-cost solution to your grooming woes.

Customer Reviews

The Grooming Glove scores an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars on amazon customer reviews. Over three-quarters of the reviews give the product 5 stars with a large number of customers praising the gloves for being easy to use, easy to clean and effective in removing loose fur.

Customers have left reviews after using the gloves on their short-haired and long-haired cats and dogs and most users are thoroughly impressed by the effectiveness of this simple design. Common comments include that the gloves are very comfortable to wear and use and that even pets that usually hate to be brushed love being brushed by the grooming gloves.

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Some customers have said that the grooming glove is not as effective as using a comb particularly if there are tangles or seeds caught in the pet’s fur but that it does provide a great ‘finishing’ groom that leaves pets sleek and shiny.

Another reviewer mentioned that the glove was not as easy to clean as they had anticipated, mentioning that the hair does not peel off in one go as advertised but some stays left behind between the spikes and is awkward to remove.

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In Summary: The Cat Grooming Glove

Overall the Cat Grooming Glove is an affordable and effective tool that can be used on pets with all hair types.

If you need to remove a knot you should use a comb beforehand but for removing loose hair and leaving your pet looking and feeling glossy and soft the glove is fantastic.

The simple design provides a more laidback way of grooming and is without a doubt worth a try.

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