Pawsitively Superb Cat Puns To Help You Purrfect Your Feline Vocabulary

Cats are the best, they make our lives better and give us companionship with their fluffy cuddles and nonchalant attitudes.

While we can all spend hours watching funny cat videos there’s something else that can bring a smile to our faces when we are feeling low… CAT PUNS!

That’s right, sometimes you just need some silly cat puns to cheer you up, we get it and we’ve got your back.

Here is our thesaurus of the best cat puns ever.

Although we love the classics, this list is so much more than the obvious (and everyone’s go-to) – “purr-fect” or “cat-urday”.

Read on for a list of funny, entertaining and unique cat puns that we challenge you to throw into conversations whenever you see the opportunity.

Oh, and remember, the humour of a pun may come from its poor quality so even bad puns are actually good.

Why Cat Puns?

A pun is a funny use of a word to emphasize or suggest a different meaning, it’s basically a play on words.

Some people believe that the use of puns is a sign of intelligence, puns are great fun but they are a bit like marmite in the sense that people either love them or hate them.

We could all do with a little more humour in our lives and puns are a brilliant way to lighten the mood, for cat lovers what’s better than making up your own cat-related puns for a good laugh?

Cat puns use words related to cats.

We have endless material to work with so whether they make you laugh or roll your eyes, you won’t find cat puns better than this anywhere else.

Easy Cat Puns – The Classics

Let’s start off with the classics, the puns we hear most often. We are sure you’ll have heard these puns before but that’s not going to stop us.

These classics are also some of the easiest to integrate into conversations too so take note.

  • Feline = Feeling – “I’m feline fine!”

1: General state of consciousness.
2: A particular physical sensation. “Spending time with my pets gives me a feline of warmth”

  • Meow = Now – “Feed me right meow.”

1: Immediately.
2: At the present time. “You are meow using the cat flap”

  • Kitten = Kidding – “You’ve got to be kitten.”

1: Something that is said or done playfully or jokingly.
2: Facetiousness. “All kitten aside, cats are the best pets.”

unimpressed looking cat

“you’ve got to be kitten me with these awful puns”

  • Paws = Pause – “Sometimes you just have to take paws and enjoy the puns.”

1: A temporary stop in action or speech

  • Pawsession = Possession – “My cat was found in pawsession of catnip.”

1: Holding something/ ownership of something
2: “He packed his pawsessions into his travel crate ready for our trip”

  • Clawsome = Awesome “How clawsome is this new cat bed?!”

1: Causing awe.
2: Slang for something that is very impressive. “My cat is clawsome”

  • Paw-lease = Please “Paw-lease top up the cat food bowl”

1: To ask politely
2: You can say this independently (with attitude) to stop someone doing or saying something or to get your point across “Oh, Paw-lease!”

  • Meowntain = Mountain “What do you call a pile of cats? A Meowntain”

1: A huge amount

  • Cat-astrophe = Catastrophe “It was a cat-astrophe when all of the treats were finished”

1: A mishap, failure or disaster

  • Pawsitive = Positive “Stay pawsitive!”

1: Favourable
2: Stating or admitting of no question “We have pawsitive proof that your cat is having kittens”

Something a Little Different

The classics are a great go-to, especially if you are new to puns. Now we are raising the bar and bringing in some puns that a little bit different.

“purrlease stop with the puns”

These ones are going to be slightly more difficult for you to integrate in to conversation but if you manage to work them in smoothly and confidently, you will reap the rewards.

We challenge you cat-lovers to use one of these puns this week.

  • Meow-t = Me out “They are taking meowt for lunch on Caturday”
  • Pawfully = Awfully “She behaved pawfully when the groomer visited”

1: In a manner provoking disapproval
2: very/ extremely “That is pawfully kind of you”

  • Furmiliar = Familiar “A cat in a cardboard box is a furmiliar sight”

1: Commonly known
2: Well-acquainted “The two cats are furmiliar with eachother”

  • Befur = Before “Whenever I go to my room the cats go befur me”

1: Ahead or in advance
2: Previously “If I’d known befur I would’ve brought her”

  • Cathletic = Athletic “Once the cat saw the dog it was clear he was much more cathletic than we first thought”

1: Physically active

  • Hiss-terical = Hysterical “The child was hiss-terical when the cats left to go outside”

1: Uncontrollably emotional or relating to hysteria
2: Irrational due to fear or emotion
3: Something very funny – causing unrestrained laughter “that joke was hiss-terical!”

  • Infurior = Inferior “There’s no doubt that cats think humans are infurior”

1: Lower in rank
2: Poor in quality

  • Tailerates = Tolerates “Kitty tailerates the dogs”

1: Allows the presence without hindrance
2: Put up with

Purr-fect Puns

When it comes to cat puns, the word ‘purr’ is widely used. There are a lot of ways you can create pawsome puns using ‘purr’, so much so that we have decided to dedicate a whole section to them!

surprised looking cat

“these puns are cat-astrophically bad”

These are our favourite ‘purr’ related cat puns, with this list you’ll have puns for every occasion. Purr-haps we can put a smile on your face with these purrfectly goofy puns.

  • Purr-fect = Perfect “There is nothing more purr-fect than snuggling with a cat”

1: Having desirable qualities or characteristics
2: Conforming to the description of an ideal “A purr-fect cat”

  • Whispurr = Whisper “’It’s dinner time’ I whispurr to kitty”

1: to speak quietly.
2: to utter soft sounds. “We can’t hear you if you whispurr!”

  • Purr-amid = Pyramid “Look, all the kittens together form a purr-amid!”

1: A quadrilateral mass that has smooth, steeply sloping sides meeting at an apex
2: Anything of this form or arrangement

  • Purr-suasive = Persuasive “Look at the purr-suasive look in her eyes”

1: Able to persuade
2: To prevail someone to do something by urging them

  • Purr-haps = Perhaps “Can I purr-haps cuddle your cat?”

1: Possibly
2: Express uncertainty “Did your cat scratch the sofa? Purr-haps”

  • Purr-ty = Pretty “Look at these purr-ty kittens”

1: To look pleasant
2: Charming in appearance “Oscars new collar is so purr-ty”

  • Purrsonality = Personality “A cat’s most important trait is their purrsonality”

1: The embodiment of qualities
2: Aspects of one’s character “Grumpy cat has a curious purrsonality”

Oh, and what’s a cat’s favourite colour?
Purrple of course!!

Funny Cat Puns & Jokes

Now, it’s time to up the stakes. We have given you loads of words you can now use in general conversations and it’s up to you to create hilarious jokes and sentences around them, although our examples are pretty good.

In this section, we’ve done all of the work for you so if you are in need of a punny cat joke you’re in the right place. Good luck throwing these a-mewsing puns into conversations.

It takes a special kind of cat lover to work these into day-to-day life, but we believe in you.

What kind of car does a cat drive?
A Furrari!

What did the cat say when he found out he was bankrupt?
I feel so paw!

What do you call it when a cat paints itself?
A self pawtrait

What’s a cats favourite subject?

What do cat’s wear to bed?

What do you call two cats who love each other?
Best furends

What did the cat say when he saw you approach?
You look pawfully familiar!

What’s a cats favourite kind of show?
A Meowsical

What do you call the cat police?
Claw enforcement

What do you call a confused cat?

What do you think of all of these cat puns? Absolutely appawling? Or maybe… Clawsome?!

Christmas Cat Puns

Wave goodbye to the usual festive greetings by adding a cat-related twist.

Festivities are always fun and are an optimal time for cracking dad jokes so let’s get in on the action and bring in some puns.

One of the best things about festive puns is that there’s ample material to use. If you are looking for Christmas cat puns, here’s a few classics you can throw in:

Santa / Mrs. Claws = Santa/ Mrs. Clause

Meowy Christmas = Merry Christmas

Deck the Paws = Deck the Halls

It’s not just Christmas that can be enjoyed using cat puns… Valentine’s day is also an opportunity not to be missed:

Smitten Kitten = Smitten

Meow or Never = Now or Never

Furrever = Forever

Pawty = Party

Want to start your valentines with a smile? Try these:

  • Today would’ve been clawful without you!
  • It would be a cat-astrophe if you don’t date me.
  • I think you’re purretty!
  • I like your cattitude.

Create Your Own Puns

Welcome to the diverse world of puns, it is now time to use everything we’ve shared with you to create your own puns. Remember that a pun is what you make of it, be witty and have fun. Arguably, the most important thing about puns is not taking yourself too seriously.

When it comes to making your own cat puns, if a sentence contains one of these words or something that sounds similar you can generally make it into a cat-related pun quite easily:

cat, fur, paw, pet, purr, his/ hiss, pet, feline, kitten, claws, meow, whiskers, catnip, kitty, catty, cattish.

“I haven’t cat all day!”
“I’m not feline well today.”
“You’ve cat to be kidding/ kitten me.”
“Are you pawsitive?”
“Help meow-t”

Guide to Becoming a Pun Master

Becoming a pun master is easier than you may think. First of all, remember that no pun is actually good.

With this in mind, say whatever pun comes to mind and make sure you laugh about it.

No matter what reaction you get (prepare for some groaning and eye rolling from your friends) always laugh. You can use puns at any time and the less obvious the pun the better.

Top Tips

• Don’t overthink – the best puns come naturally so don’t force them.
• Keep Punning – the more puns you make the better they will become and the more you will think of so keep it up.
• Confidence is key – puns have the power to lighten the mood so enjoy them and say them aloud with confidence.
• Try to avoid the obvious puns everyone has heard before
• Recognize the window of opportunity
• Only pun if appropriate for the room and occasion
• Don’t overdo it

Cat Name Puns

Thinking of introducing a new cat to your family?

Whether you’re adopting a new family member or your current cat has had kittens, naming a pet is always fun. Increase the joy by using a play on words.

We’ve handpicked some of the best cat names that are sure to put a smile on your face. These names just seem to work for cats, they are perfectly goofy and can often suit the personality of your beloved feline friend:

• Clawdia
• Cindy Clawford
• Jennifurr
• Katy Purry
• Margaret Scratcher
• Jude Paw
• Lucifurr
• Picatso
• Luke Skywhisker
• Shakespurr
• JK Meowling

Animal Puns

We know that cat puns are without doubt the best animal-related puns but if you’d like to broaden your material, here are some of the best animal puns to use at your leisure.

  • “Bear with me”
  • “None of your bee’s wax”
  • Not all it’s cracked up to bee”
  • “Grab the bull by its horns”
  • “He’s a little crabby”
  • “Nervous rex”
  • “Ruff around the edges”
  • “Mutt as well”
  • “I didn’t do it on porpoise”
  • “Will you stop spouting your nonsense”
  • “There’s some-fin I would like you to know”
  • “I’m feeling a bit eel”
  • “Your comment is errelephant”
  • “Ivory now and then”
  • “Are you up to the tusk?”
  • “You herd it here first”
  • “Any fin goes”
  • “You can depond on me”
  • “You’ve goat to be kidding”
  • “You goat it”
  • “I was diskoalafied”
  • “No probllama”
  • “You herd it here first”
  • “Above owl”
  • “Owl of a sudden”
  • “Hoot have thought it would be so easy”
  • “Boared out of my mind”
  • “You’re skating on fin ice”
  • “Don’t call us, whale call you”

The Cat’s Out of the Bag

That’s a wrap, you now have everything you need to make your friends and family smile using cat puns. This encyclopedia of cat puns brings you the best of the best. Better yet, you can create many, many more using the information we have shared.

Whether you are brand new to the world of puns or you were just looking for some cat-related inspiration, we hope you have found what you were looking for here. One thing is for sure, we were smiling while writing this so we hope you’ve been smiling while reading it.

As a cat lover, the chances are you’ve already used a cat pun or two without even realizing it and it’s likely some of these puns are going to become part of your everyday life.

We support that fully and something tells us your kitty does too!

Go and have fun with these and if we missed any paw-some puns be sure to share them with us in the comments.

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