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21 Celebrity Cat Lovers

If you’re a cat person it will come as no surprise then that many celebrities feel that felines are the perfect companions.

In this post, we list 21 top stars that love their cats:

1. Katy Perry

The superstar has catitude in spades.

If a cat were to be a pop star, they’d probably employ the same mix of raw talent and shock tactics.

Perry is never happy playing second fiddle, so we wonder who the boss is at home.

Perry’s cat is probably spoiled rotten. 

2. Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais comedic style has us all in stitches with his role in the Office.

We saw glimmers of the nasty David Brent when Gervais enlisted his friend to star in the series, Idiot Abroad. 

Gervais is a sucker for cats and treats them with kid gloves.

We’re sure that his cute kitty has him well-trained. 

3. Taylor Swift

Singer and songwriter Taylor Swift has an impressive career already.

It’ll be interesting to see how it develops over the years.

She showed signs of diva behaviour a few years ago when she temporarily shut down her social media accounts. 

It was an epic move that no doubt impressed her cat.

According to sources, Swift is a complete pussy cat when it comes to her pets.

Her cat’s living the high life for sure. 

4. James Franco

James Franco may have a youthful appearance, but he’s been an actor for thirty years now.

Franco’s movies are something of a hit and a miss.

He received a BAFTA and an Oscar for his film, 127 Hours.

In the ten years since things in the awards department have been slow.   

Still, if he could do it once, he might be able to do it again.

In the meantime, he’ll have to bask in the admiration of his furry cuddle buddy.

He’s a cat person through and through. 

5. Dave Franco

Hunky Dave Franco, James’ big brother, is more comfortable spending the night in with his cat than out on the town.

The famous Franco brothers grew up with cats in their household.

Neither feels that home would be home without a kitty. 

Tom Franco, the third brother, isn’t as famous as James and Dave.

He has, however, got the same dark looks and the same love of cats. 

6. Russell Brand

Russell Brand and Katy Perry looked like the perfect couple for a while there.

Their love for cats was one of the things that they bonded over.

We wonder who got custody over the family’s felines after the split. 

Brand doesn’t seem to have looked back.

The Londoner’s comedy is nothing short of controversial, and he seems to have a penchant for presenting. 

Brand now describes himself as being in a relationship with a “narcissistic freeloader” when talking about his cat.

It seems that his cat understands how to get what he wants. 

7. Kesha

Kesha’s had some issues over the years.

Despite her addictions and the many civil suits filed against her, she’s still going strong.

Could it be the loving support of her fur buddy?

We’re not sure, but Kesha loves cats, and that’s good enough for us. 

8. Cameron Diaz

A California native, Cameron Diaz was one of Hollywood’s A-listers.

In a move worthy of a devasting diva, Diaz dropped out of the Hollywood scene at the height of her career.

She wanted time off to spend with her family and for spiritual introspection. 

Did catitude inspire her?

It’s possible – Diaz is a loveable goofball just like her kitty. 

9. Kim Kardashian

Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian has star power to spare.

Taking a leaf out of friend Paris Hilton’s book, she shot to fame after her sex tape leaked.

Her reality TV show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” made her Hollywood royalty. 

It seems that everything she touches turns to gold.

Not satisfied with being a celebrity, she started a successful beauty range and launched a perfume business.

Famous for being famous, Kardashian might have taken lessons on getting attention from her favourite feline. 

10. Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway may be a name less well known to our younger readers.

He was, however, an impressive author in his day.

Critically acclaimed as one of the top writers of the 20th century, Hemingway is one of only a few to win both a Nobel Prize and Pulitzer. 

As a nod to his love for cats, a six-toed feline breed is now called a Hemingway Cat.

More industrious than many cats we know, Hemingway admitted to finding them fascinating. 

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11. Jesse Eisenberg

Most famous for his role-playing Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network,” Eisenberg attributes his “overnight success” to hard work and tenacity.

Considering his breakthrough role was a part in a TV series in 1999, we’d be hard-pressed not to agree. 

His cat’s tenacity may have inspired Eisenberg.

His kitty won’t take “No,” for an answer.

One BAFTA and Oscar under the belt, it seems that Eisenberg chose the right role model here. 

Eisenberg also fosters cats while they’re waiting for their forever homes. 

12. Morrissey

Morrissey has been a staple on the English music scene for many years now.

Rolling Stone magazine honoured him as one of the top singers of all time.

Morrissey is an outspoken advocate for PETA and is passionate about promoting animal rights. 

Morrissey finds cats “superior and fascinating.”

He believes that no home is complete without at least one moggy.

We can’t disagree with him on that one. 

13. Ian Somerhalder

The handsome hunk from the Vampire Diaries is deliciously dark.

Somerhalder has a pack of dogs at home, but his cat rules the roost with an iron fist.

The devilishly devious kitty puts in a performance worthy of Damon Salvatore by terrorising the dogs.

14. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s powerful voice makes women’s hearts melt. He’s got the tortured artist vibe down perfectly.

Sheeran has been linked to a string of beautiful women over the last few years.

His cute cats are a constant in his life and keep him grounded. 

Sheeran’s cats torture him in ways that only a kitty can, and he can’t get enough of it. 

In fact, he even has an Instagram account for his two cats!

15. Macklemore

Rapper, Macklemore, has a quirky dress sense.

So does his kitty.

The cat has a larger than life personality and, oddly, a similar dress sense to the rapper himself. 

We wouldn’t dare dress the moggies in our lives.

They wouldn’t stand for it. Macklemore’s kitty, however, seems to lap up the extra attention.

16. Cher

Somehow we always knew that Cher would be a cat person.

Her graceful moves seem to mirror those of her feline friend.

The singer and songwriter has ever had a soft spot for kitties. 

Her favourite cat was Mr Big, a cat she rescued from the train tracks.

When Mr Big died a few years ago, the star was reportedly inconsolable. 

She’s since welcomed new cats into her family.

They won’t ever replace Mr Big, but they console the star. 

17. Nyjer Morgan

The American sports star, Nyjer Morgan, describes his rescue cat as one of his best friends.

The baseball player might bring the heat on the field, but he’s a pushover when it comes to his kitty.

His love for his cat won’t be declared out of bounds by these referees. 

18. Gilles Marini


The American TV star first came to the public’s notice for his role in Sex and the City.

He’s had several parts on the small screen since then.

He finds the sound of a cat purring relaxing, but believes that there’s space for both cats and dogs and his life. 

We’re not sure about how his kitty feels about that, but they seem to be a happy family on the actor’s Instagram account. 

19. Christopher Walken

Hollywood tough guy Christopher Walken is no match for those pretty kitty eyes.

The acting legend admits to melting when his kitty demands his attention.

He loves cats so much he even wrote the introduction to the Kiss Cat Guide. 

20. Mandy Moore

Former songbird and actress Mandy Moore believes in giving rescue cats a second chance.

You’re not likely to find a highly-pedigreed kitten in her home.

Until all cats have the home they deserve, Moore will rather support rescues. 

She’s been through some tough times, and cats have always been there for her. 

21. Tom Hardy

Understated actor, Tom Hardy, reportedly found and rescued a kitten while staying at a hotel.

He smuggled the tiny feline into his room and wouldn’t leave until he found it a forever home.

It seems that the actor is as much of a hero in real life as he plays on-screen. 

It seems as though celebs are no more immune to the power of furry companions than the rest of us.

For us, this only adds to the glitz and glamour.

Dogs are cute, but they’re easy to win over.

If you can win the heart of a feline, you’re an extraordinary person. 

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