How To Get Cats Out From Under Your House

How To Get Cats Out From Under Your House

As you can’t reach cats that are under the house it is best to lure them out using food or make a loud noise to scare them out.

Once the cats have moved out from under the house, block the access to stop them from going back under the house. 

It may be necessary to contact your local authorities if there is a feral cat colony under your house; they will be able to help with humanely trapping the cats so they can be neutered and relocated. 

1. Lure Them Out With Tuna Or Cat Food

Most cats won’t be able to resist the smell of tuna or cat food when they are hungry.

Place the food down and step away.

You can even heat the food up slightly to help encourage the cats out. 

wet cat food

If it is your cat that is under the house, the familiar smell of their food may help them find their way out if they became disoriented or confused.

Once out, you should be able to bring your cat back inside without an issue. 

If the cats are strays or feral, you can simply block their way back under the house while they are eating the food.

2. Use A Loud Horn To Scare Them Out

Loud noises such as a quick blast of an air horn will scare the cats from under the house.

Sometimes cats won’t be lured by food so scaring them out is one of the only effective options. 

3. Call Your Local Authorities

If there are feral cats under your house then it’s important to call your local authorities.

This may be required if the feral cat colony has made their home under your house, it is always good to make contact just in case. 

Many local authorities have programs in place for trapping, neutering, and releasing feral cats so are able to send animal control officers to come to your property and deal with the issue for you.

They will bring traps with them to catch the cats and will take them away for neutering and relocation. 

4. Get A Dog

Having a dog in your yard will deter cats from coming onto your property.

If the cats see a dog on the property they will keep their distance and choose somewhere else to live.

cat vs dog strength

Just make sure you close the gaps under the house so your dog doesn’t get stuck under there. 

5. Erect Barriers

After you have checked there are no cats under the house or porch, put up barriers or fences to block all the entrances.

The barrier needs to be complete and should be made with either a fine mesh or a solid material to ensure the cats cannot find a way through. 

When you create the barrier, it is a good idea to leave a removable section that can be opened in case there is still a cat under the house when you put the barriers up. 

6. Remove Food Sources That May Attract Them

Cats will choose to stay in areas that are well sheltered and have easy access to food.

To discourage the cats from staying near your home keep the garbage bins sealed, empty or take down any bird feeders, and don’t leave cat food out. 

cat climbing over fence

If you have cats, keep them inside until the feral colony has moved on. 

7. Use Cat Repellants 

There are lots of effective cat repellents available including motion-sensored sprays that spray water or compressed air and ultrasound emitters that beep when cats are nearby.

ginger cat in a garden, looking for a place to poop

There are also natural repellant options including positioning plants and spraying smells that cats don’t like (such as vinegar or citrus) in strategic places around the garden. 

How To Get Kittens Out From Under Your House

The best technique is going to depend on the situation and the age of the kittens.

Newborn kittens will need to be physically picked up while older kittens can usually be lured out with food.

Assess the situation with the following questions in mind:

Is The Mother Cat Around?

If the mother cat is still around and the kittens are not in danger, you can leave them alone. The mother will move them as soon as they are old enough.

If the mother isn’t around and the kittens are constantly meowing or in danger then intervention is necessary. 

Are The Kittens In Danger?

If the kittens are in danger you will need to act quickly to get them out.

Contact the local animal rescue to help you.

If you manage to catch the kittens yourself, take them to the vet to be checked over. 

How To Get Older Kittens Out From Under The House

If you are dealing with older kittens, place a bowl of wet cat food or tinned fish down to encourage them out from under the house.

If food doesn’t persuade the kittens to come out, there are two options.

You can either spend some time nearby to earn their trust and encourage them out or set up a humane trap. 

young kitten meowing

If you want to earn their trust then offer them food, play with them from a distance and let them get used to you.

Don’t make any sudden movements or loud noises, instead, take your time and talk to the kittens in a calm voice.

Once the kittens feel more familiar with you (and are hungry enough) they will come out from under the house. 

If you want to use a humane trap, first offer food to the kittens a few times without setting the trap (this way they’ll be more willing to enter it when you set it).

Then, put the trap out, place the food inside and wait.

Check the trap regularly and take the kittens to the vet once they have all been caught.