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Catteries That Care – Top UK Catteries That Go The Extra Mile

An awards badge for catteries that care featuring a silhouette of a cat in a houseMost catteries do a great job of taking good care of your pet while you are away and unable to look after them. Yet unfortunately over the last couple of years we have seen a slew of articles outing catteries that fall far short of acceptable standards.

In the light of this we wanted to draw up a list of some UK based catteries which we believe really go the extra mile in terms of the level of cat care they provide.

Some of these catteries go the extra mile by providing unparalleled levels of luxury such as human beds, bespoke suites, automatic litter trays, cat TV, microchip cat flaps and more, others have made their way into this list because they work hard to be there for their cats or because they have a unique approach to their work.

All of these catteries are worthy winners so their position in the list isn’t reflective of how good we think they are it is purely compiled in alphabetical order. Also if your cattery hasn’t made the list that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not a great cattery – why not let us know a few details about it and maybe we can add a mention of them to the article.

So without further ado we present to you the Tuxedo Cat – Catteries that Care Award:

Bradgate View Luxury Cat Hotel

A view of a cat suite at bradgate view luxury cattery

The Bradgate View Luxury Cattery is a worthy addition to this list as they really go the extra mile to ensure that all of their feline guests are catered for to the very highest levels. With digitally controlled heating in every room, tailored diet plans for each cat, scenic garden views and each cat being given plenty of time for interactive games and playtime everyday you can be sure that your cat’s every need will be catered for thoroughly.

The Bradgate View Luxury Cattery not only provide their guests with a clean, safe, warm and comfortable environment, but they also give them lots of love and personal attention to help them feel at home. They really invest time in getting to know their guests and often become very attached to them. They pride themselves on ensuring that their customers feel happy and confident that their beloved kitties are being given the best possible care.

Catseye Cattery – State of the Art Luxury Cat Hotel

the catesye cattery

Situated in East Lothian just outside Edinburgh, the Catseye Cattery opened in April 2010 and has quickly established itself as a cattery for other catteries to draw inspiration from. From it’s cat collection and drop off service to their fastidious approach to cat hygiene with each cat room being steam cleaned after use you can be confident that your cat will have a great time while it is there. The cattery is also setup in a way which means all the rooms get plenty of natural light and they all have a lovely view over the central garden feature which gives your cat a great view of the comings and goings of the local bird life.

If you’re at all concerned about what your cat is getting up to while you’re away don’t worry you can use their innovative ‘catcam’ webcam facility which lets you see exactly what your cat is doing 24/7.

If you have any doubt about how great this cattery is have a look at their glowing google reviews, full of happy cat owners reporting how healthy and content their cats were after their stay.

Chequer Trees Cattery

chequer trees cattery

With over a decade running the Cattery and a lifetime of caring for her own cats, Jenny, the hands-on owner of Chequer Trees Cattery in Sussex, has wide experience and knowledge to draw on.

The Cattery has an excellent local reputation, is inspected and licensed by Wealden District Council, and is fully insured.

At Chequer Trees Cattery the comfort, well being and security of your cat is the prime concern. While away owners can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their beloved cat, a part of their family, is being well cared for.

Convivial Cats

convivial cattery logo

At Convivial Cats the staff go out of their way to make all cats feel at ease. The grumpy difficult cats that do not want to be touched we be given a nice den so they feel safe and secure. The really friendly outgoing cats will be given all the fuss and cuddles they desire from the Convivial Cattery staff.

The Convivial Cattery makes great use of Facebook, posting regular pictures of their guests enjoying their stay so that anxious owners can be certain that they are being well looked after.

Convivial Cats is a beautiful cattery set in the Hertfordshire countryside. Since it opened in 1987 it has grown to a huge 94 high quality luxury cat chalets. Our main reason for including the Convivial Cattery in our list of catteries is that go the extra mile is that they use 31 of their 94 chalets to house cats from the RSPCA who are awaiting adoption. So if you’re looking for a cat to join your family then come and check out the Convivial Cattery!

Elm Tree Pet Hotel

The Elm Tree pet hotel, based in London, caters for both cats and dogs very well and has done a great job of innovating and pushing the cat boarding industry forward watch the video above for an insight into how they work.

Some of the great features of their cattery includes under floor heating, separate leisure and sleeping areas for each cat, huge cat scratching posts, tunnels and plenty of things to climb and hide in. They always have staff on hand who regularly dispense cuddles and play time to any cat who may want it.

They also offer a chauffeur service so your cat can be picked up and dropped off at your home after it’s holiday.

Hotel Cat – The Country Club Exclusively for Cats

hotel cat cattery

The Hotel Cat is the creme de la creme of catteries. With large rooms for each of the cats measuring from 22ftx6ft to the 24ft by 12ft they absolutely dwarf the average cattery cat room or pen, there is more than enough room for even the most energetic of cats to stretch it’s legs thoroughly! They also use human beds complete with duvets and pillows so if your cat is used to sleeping on your bed they will love it here.

There are only 8 rooms on site, all of which are heated 24 hours a day from September through to April, so there will never be too many cats on the site at any one time. So you can be confident that your cat will receive loads of attention during it’s stay at Hotel Cat!

Ings Luxury Cat Hotel

Just watch the video above and you’ll quickly learn all you need to know about the Ings Luxury Cat Hotel. Set in beautiful surroundings in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, every cat receives care of the highest quality. With grooming facilities, gourmet cat food and caged outdoor segments as part of each cats suite. They also have plenty of other high end features including:

  • Bespoke sustainable made climbing trees.
  • Bubbling water fountains and swimming fish features for your cat to enjoy watching while relaxing in the climbing tree.
  • Each cat suite has a virtual pet firefly in a jar for your cat to interact with.
  • Virtual aquarium – every cat has access to a 42inch flat screen TV’s with an assortment of birds, forests, fires and virtual fish to watch.

If you’re still in any doubt of the astronomically high level of care they take of your cat have a look at their Google reviews to see how happy both pets and owners were with the incredible service they received at the Ings Luxury Cat Hotel.

Lakeside Luxury Cattery

Lakeside Luxury Cattery is a stunning cattery set in the Cheshire countryside right on the edge of a small lake (hence the name)…this gives cats a great view of the comings and goings of birds, such as their resident ducks (as seen in the video below), which will keep them entertained for hours!

If and when they do get bored of the spectacular views outside then there is plenty to do in each cattery suite with each suite containing a big climbing frame, scratching pots and of course comfy beds, blankets and plenty of toys.

Each suite also boasts a heated bedroom and…if you need to you can get interconnecting suites and supersize suites if you have more than one cat.

They also run a very handy collect and delivery service which allows you to have you cat picked up and dropped off, saving you time.

So if you’re local to Cheshire, Staffordshire or Shropshire and want your cat to stay somewhere where you know they will be well looked after then Lakeside is a great choice!

Pets Country Manor – Luxury Boarding for Pets

pets country manor

The Pets Country Manor, based in Liverpool, are no strangers to success having been crowned the UKs no1 Cattery of the Year 2014/15. However they had humble beginnings starting with a loan from the Princes Trust to open a small pets hotel to fill a gap in the market which the owners, Craig and Vicky, realised existed when they could find nowhere to look after their pet guinea pig. So a small animal hotel was born, however it wasn’t long before enquiries for cat boarding began to flood in so in response they built 14 rooms in their back-garden, each equipped with a 4 poster bed!

Very quickly they were getting more enquiries than they had space for so they ended up investing in an abandoned pub, which, after an awful lot of hard work, became the wonderful Pets Country Manor that it is today.

Today the cattery boasts 69 suites each with 40 sq ft of space and a 22 foot climbing wall as well as beautiful panoramic views and south facing rooms with plenty of sun for your cat to bathe in!

Star Boarding Cattery

Star Boarding Cattery

The Star Boarding luxury cattery opened back in 2008 in Chessington, Surrey. It now houses 20 cat units all of these units are heated (all of which are built to a very high standard by pedigree pens). Every cat house features a comfy cat bed and an arm chair for your cat to relax on and scratch!

They also have to extra special penthouse units available if you want your cat to enjoy it’s vacation in the very best of luxury.

The Pet Joint – Luxury Cat Hotel

The Pet Joint based in Conwy, North Wales is a luxury cat hotel run by pet lovers.

It is packed with features that your cat will love and will make them feel like they are home from home.

The cat rooms feature cat TV, mini Chesterfield sofas and underfloor heating. Not to mention the beautiful Welsh scenery (filled with birds for your cat to enjoy looking at)and an indoor climbing wall. They even have pet room service and a pet mini bar!

To find out more check out their website at:

or visit them in person at:

The Pet Joint – Luxury Cat Hotel
Cwm Y Rhinwedd Farm
North Wales
LL16 5SW

The Pinewood Cattery

the pinewood cattery cottage and garden with flowers

Pinewood Cattery in Woking is set in beautiful woodlands with a beautifully kept garden. The Pinewood Cattery very much deserve to be in this list as they are Feline Advisory Bureau approved(also known as International Cat Care)! This is no easy feat as approval is only given to Catteries which are built and run to the very highest of standards.

Vanda, who runs the cattery along with her husband, has been trained in cattery management and has a distinction in feline Psychology so is more than capable of ensuring that your cats every need is catered for. The Pinewood cattery make it their mission to make sure that your cats stay with them is as relaxing and stress free as possible. So if you want to be certain that you cat will be thoroughly well looked after then look no further.

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