can cats eat quorn?

Can Cats Eat Quorn?

Cats should not be fed Quorn. It might be healthy for humans, but it contains ingredients that are not suitable for cats. 

Is Quorn Healthy for Cats?

Quorn is made from mycoprotein, which is a fungus product that works well as a meat substitute. 

The specific fungus is Fusarium venenatum. This fungus culture is dried and mixed with egg albumen which acts as a binding agent. In its vegan form, Quorn uses potato protein instead of egg. 

Mycoprotein can be toxic to cats. 

can cats eat quorn?

Even if your cat can tolerate mycoprotein, many Quorn products contain other items that can be toxic to cats.

That includes onions and garlic, both of which can damage your pet’s red blood cells and cause anaemia.

Eaten in large amounts, onions and garlic can actually be deadly to cats, but can also cause appetite changes, weakness, pale gums, and urinary issues that will require a veterinarian’s care. 

This is why you should be careful when it comes to allowing your cat to try food that may contain garlic such as hummus.

Another item you should never give your cat is dough, though raw dough is much more dangerous than cooked dough.

Because Quorn products are fermented, a dough is created that is then used to make the various food items offered by the brand.

a quorn dish

While it is cooked to create the meat-free products, it can still cause issues in your cat’s digestive tract. That includes:

  • bloating
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • breathing problems
  • comas
  • and even death in the worst cases

Some Quorn products contain dairy and you can find this information by reading the ingredients list on the packaging.

Many cats have trouble digesting the lactose in dairy foods such as milk, ice cream (if your cat is a big fan of ice cream during the hot summer months then you can try specially made ice cream for cats instead as a safe option), whipped cream, cheese, butter and more. Eating these can lead to an upset stomach and diarrhoea.

If you are going to feed them milk, there are products especially formulated for cats. You can also avoid dairy by using the vegan Quorn products if you do want to include Quorn in your cat’s diet. 

Another issue is that Quorn’s manufacturers do not release much information about the additives they use to make the Quorn resemble meat, so in truth, you do not really know what you are feeding moggy. 


One other thing to note is that Quorn is a brand name and since its patent ran out, many other brands and forms of meat substitutes have come onto the market.

All of the issues mentioned above apply to ALL meat substitutes which are essentially some form of mycoprotein with other ingredients.

Always read the label to see what is included if you decide you are going to feed your cat a meat substitute. 

Is Quorn A Good Source Of Protein For Cats?

Even if you have chosen to lead a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and have chosen the same for your cat, Quorn is not a good option when it comes to your cat’s protein intake.

Cats need to get plenty of protein to support healthy growth and development, as well as to support good overall health.

However, there are many more appropriate ways to ensure that your cat is getting enough protein. 

eating protein

Cats need protein for many reasons. In fact, they need much more than dogs because of their specific energy needs and to produce the amino acids necessary for muscle function.

Cats are made to consume plenty of protein because they are traditionally carnivores. However, cats need to eat protein in combination with healthy carbohydrates and other foods that supply them with the vitamins and minerals they need. 

If you are committed to providing your cat a vegan diet, be sure you talk it over with your veterinarian before getting started. There are some ways to do this, but you must do so with care.

A vegan diet can be appropriate for cats, provided you also serve supplements to fill in any gaps in their diet.

Some important nutrients can only be obtained from animal foods so you will have to find a different way to be sure your cat is getting the right amount each day. There are several vegan options to try. 

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Cats should not eat Quorn because it contains ingredients that aren’t healthy for their bodies and can even be toxic if overconsumer.

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