11 High Paying Cat Affiliate Programs

Here at Tuxedo Cat we’ve used a wide range of different affiliate programs over the years to monetize our traffic.

Here are 11 of the highest-paying ones that we recommend you have a look at if you run a cat or pet-related website.

Cat Affiliate Program:Commission Rate:Typical Earnings Per Conversion:Cookie Length:Sign Up:
Eusoh Pet Insurance$80$8060 daysHere
Fuzzy Pet Health$35$3545 daysHere
Live Pee Free30%$30.5590 daysHere
PDSA Cat Insurance15%$3060 daysHere
My Petsies15%$3060 daysHere
Cat Spray No More75%$28+unknownHere
Pretty Litter13.5%$1830 daysHere
PawZaar10%unknown30 daysHere
Pet Cube10%unknown60 daysHere
Monster Pet Supplies7%unknown30 daysHere

1. Eusoh Pet Insurance

eusoh cat insurance

Eusoh are yet another pet insurance company (no surprise that we’ve included a few insurance companies in an article on the highest paying cat affiliate programs!), however they have a few unique selling points.

They are crowd-funded, which means that all their income is pooled and used to pay the veterinary bills of their users.

This means that if your cat has pre-existing health conditions, or is a more senior cat then you won’t be charged exorbitantly high fees because your cat is more likely to make a claim.

Eusoh pay their affiliates very well at $80 per conversion.

Sign Up: Join The Eusoh Pet Insurance Affiliate Program Here

Commission: $80

Average $ per conversion: $80

Cookie Length: 60 days

2. Fuzzy Pet Health

Fuzzy Pet Health is an innovative new vet care service that allows users to speak directly to a vet via their mobile app.

Users can send videos, images and text to a vet any time they want to get real-time veterinary help.

With pricing plans starting from $10 a month it is a service that could potentially save cat owners from more expensive veterinary visits.

The Fuzzy Pet Health affiliate program plays out a flat fee of $35 per conversion.

Sign Up: Join The Fuzzy Pet health Affiliate Program Here

Commission: $35 flat rate

Average $ per conversion: $35

Cookie Length: 45 days

3. Live Pee Free

Laundry soaked with cat urine is one of the all too familiar downsides of owning a cat.

Forget to clean their litter tray for 5 minutes too long and the next thing you know your freshly washed laundry will be chosen as their toilet.

There are few things more infuriating for cat owners, made worse by the fact that cat urine is a very difficult smell to get rid of.

Even after multiple washes the faint smell of cat urine can still linger on some fabrics.

If you regularly write about cats then sooner or later you are bound to write about dealing with urination problems.

Live Pee Free is a great solution to offer your readers because:

  • It is free from potentially harmful chemicals
  • It doesn’t mask bad smells
  • Is 10x more effective than other alternatives

It achieves all this by using the power of positively charged ions.

Their patented Noble Ion® Odor Technology contains billions of positively charged ions that completely eliminate the stench of the negative ions contained in your cat’s urine.

Positive combined with negative equals neutral.

This means you can eradicate bad smells naturally without having to use detergents or fragrances.

With their products ranging in price from around $60 – $150 their healthy commission rate of 30% pays out on average $30 per sale.

Sign Up: Join the Live Pee Free affiliate program here

Commission: 30%

Average $ per conversion: $30.55

Cookie Length: 90 days

4. PDSA Cat Insurance

senior cat relaxing on pensioners lap

Insurance is big money, whether it’s car insurance, home insurance, life insurance or even pet insurance.

Thankfully for cat owners pet insurance is usually significantly less expensive than other types of insurance but it can still be costly.

It is therefore something that cat owners will want to spend a good amount of time researching so that they are confident they are spending their money in the right place.

PDSA are a good choice with a wide range of cover available:

They offer four lifetime cover options ranging from their Advance to Ultimate Plus cover:

Lifetime PolicyAnnual Cover
Advance Plus£3,000
Ultimate Plus£8,000

They also cover a huge range of extra which many insurers won’t, these include:

  • Death from illness or accident payouts of up to £1,500…and loss of pet from theft or straying payouts of the same amount.
  • Third party liability legal excess of £250.
  • Advertising costs of up to £250 and reward money of up to £1,250 if your cat goes missing.
  • Boarding fee & holiday cancellation cover of up to £1,500.
  • Up to 90 days overseas cover.
  • Emergency expenses abroad of up to £150.
  • Pet passport loss cover of up to £250.
  • Quarantine cost cover of up to £150.

If you can provide a well-researched article on cat insurance then this could be a good affiliate program for you to join.

With average sales of over $200 you can expect at least $30 per conversion for your referrals to PDSA Pet Insurance.

Sign Up: Join The PDSA Cat Insurance affiliate program here

Commission: 15%

Average $ per conversion: $30

Cookie Length: 60 days

5. My Petsies


Stuffed cat toys may not sound like much of a moneymaker but with MyPetsies they can be.

MyPetsies use photographs of your cat to create a photorealistic stuffed toy of your cat (or dog).

Their process involves measuring and cutting every individual piece of fabric so that your petsie will have the same physical build as your real cat. These are stitched together and the fabric is filled up.

Then details such as custom eye and nose colourings are added.

Finally, the polyester fur is airbrushed to precisely match the colouring of your cat.

Then it is left to dry, packaged up and sent on its way.

As you can imagine they are not cheap.

Typically they sell for between $200-$250 (depending on sales & customisation options).

At 15% commission that equates to a healthy payout of at least $30 for every sale.

Sign Up: Join the My Petsies affiliate program here

Commission: 15%

Average $ per conversion: $30

Cookie Length: 60 days

6. Cat Spraying No More

As we’ve already mentioned, cats urinating where they shouldn’t is a big problem for cat owners.

This means that if you can refer them to a good service or product which offers a solution to this problem then you can expect to make a sale.

The second cat urination-related affiliate program on our list, Cat Spraying No More has been around for a long time.

It offers:

  • Training that will help cat owners to understand the exact reasons why their cat urinates outside of the litter box.
  • Time tested methods to stop your cat urinating outside the litter box,
  • A highly effective herbal repellent mix.
  • ..and lots more.

Paying a massive 75% commission you could make as much as $100 off a single sale with this product.

While their website is very old-school looking it has stood the test of time and continues to sell well to this day.

In fact, it is the highest paying cat affiliate program that we have found!

Sign Up: Join The Cat Spraying No More Affiliate Program Here

Commission: 75%

Average $ per conversion: $28+

Cookie Length: not known

7. PrettyLitter

pretty litter

Pretty Litter offers a subscription box service.

Their litter is unique in that it changes colour in response to cat urine.

Normally the litter will be a dark yellow/olive green colour, this indicates that all is well with your cat. However if the litter changes to any of the colours below you should call a vet:

  • If the litter turns a blue colour this indicates that your cats urine has a high pH which can be indicative of a urinary tract infection.
  • If the litter turns orange this shows that your cats urine has a more acidic pH which can be a sign of metabolic or kidney issues.
  • Red indicates bladder inflamation such as gall stones.

This litter offers a lot of value to cat owners who are concerned about their cat’s health.

With a health commission payout of 13.5%, you can expect to earn around $17.94 per sale with the Pretty Litter affiliate program.

Sign Up: Join the Pretty Litter affiliate program Here

Commission: 13.5%

Average $ per conversion: $17.94

Cookie Length: 30 days

8. JustAnswer

JustAnswer is a service that allows people to live chat with experts.

They have Lawyers, Doctors, Vets, Mechanics, Electronic Technicians, Computer Technicians, Electricians, Plumbers, Accountants, Engineers and more on standby waiting to answer questions.

So whatever questions you have you can find an answer there for a small fee.

When it comes to health, specifically your cat’s health, you can never be too careful as regards giving out information.

In fact, in recent years Google has rolled out various algorithm updates designed to suppress unverified health information.

Signing up to JustAnswer is therefore a great way of ensuring that you signpost your users to veterinary experts who can give them qualified professional advice relating to their cat’s health.

If your site has a lot of content on it relating to feline health then adding a few links to the JustAnswer affiliate program could provide a good source of additional income with payouts ranging from $5-$15 per conversion.

Sign Up: Join the JustAnswer affiliate program Here

Commission: $5-$15

Average $ per conversion: n/a

Cookie Length: n/a

9. PawZaar

Pawzaar sells cat (and dog) related gifts for cat lovers so that cat owners can display their love for their cat wherever they go.

They sell a wide range of cat products including cat t-shirts, signs, badges, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more.

While most of their products are relatively cheap they do have a collection of their own products called their Pawzaar collection. If a user buys any of their Pawzaar collection through your affiliate link you will get a payout of $10 even for the cheapest item ($20).

Sign Up: Join the PawZaar affiliate program here

Commission: 10%

Average $ per conversion: n/a

Cookie Length: 30 days

10. Pet Cube

the pet cube

Pet Cube is a device that allows you to interact with your pet while you are away from home.

Pet Cube lets you see what your cat is up to and talk to them as well as dispense treats (with the PetCube Bites 2) and play with them using a laser pointer (with the PetCube Play 2) you can control from the app.

The innovative product has won numerous awards and is a popular product with cat lovers across the globe!

Their affiliate program offers 10% commission on every sale.

Sign Up: Join The Pet Cube Affiliate Program Here

Commission: 10%

Average $ per conversion: n/a

Cookie Length: 60 days

11. Monster Pet Supplies

Monster Pet Supplies are one of the UK’s leading online pet supply companies.

They sell pretty much everything cat, dog and pet-related.

They pay 7% commission on all sales, this is the same as what Amazon UK pay on pet products so adding Monster links to your site is a good way to diversify your affiliate income away from Amazon if most of your users are UK-based.

Sign Up: Join The Monster Pet Supplies Affiliate Program Here

Commission: 7%

Average $ per conversion: n/a

Cookie Length: 30 days